7 Issues When You Need Electric or Gas Stove Repair

7 Issues When You Need Electric or Gas Stove Repair

Stoves are essential in our lives and without them, preparing a meal would be impossible.


Although stoves are a very simple appliance, sometimes they have problems. These problems are frustrating because stoves shouldn’t have problems. But as with all things in life, sometimes issues occur. 


If you’re looking for some stove repair advice, then this article will highlight some of the top seven stove appliance repair issues (gas and electric stoves) that indicate gas stove repair is needed.

7 Issues When You Need Electric or Gas Stove Repair

No Light

A situation where the flames refuse to come on your gas stove is a common occurrence and a few things could cause this. First, normally when you try to light the burner, you should hear a clicking sound and also smell the gas but in a case where you hear the sound but don’t smell the gas, there might be a problem with the gas flow. On the other hand, if you smell the gas, but don’t hear the sound, the likely cause could be the ignition switch. Below are a few tips on how to troubleshoot this kind of situation:

  1. Make sure to turn off the stove, remove the grate and the burner cap.
  2. Check for loose debris, and clean them out 
  3. Check for loose wires and reconnect them

If the above fails, you might need a replacement for your ignition and have your gas connection fixed by a gas stove repair service person


Slow Heating

Not well-cooked food is what you get when your gas stove heats slowly. One of the main causes of the gas burner burning slowly could be as a result of the burner being clogged with debris thereby making the flames of the gas stove weak and you could easily fix this issue by giving your gas stove a thorough clean. Below are a few tips on how to fix this:

  1. Remove the grates and burner caps and clean them thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Clean the surface of the gas stove with a sponge
  3. Use a toothpick in removing particles or debris from the gas valves.
  4. In addition, you can include soda & vinegar in your cleaning process for optimum results.


Your electric burner is not heating

In a situation where one of your stove’s electric burners isn’t working, make sure to test the other if they are working properly. However, if the entire thing isn’t working, then this problem is likely an electrical issue and you might need to get a replacement or hire a stove repair service professional to help you take a look at it.


On the other hand, if only one electric coil isn’t working, then check the stove’s connection to make sure it’s connected properly. Also, you could try to replace the faulty coil with another, if that works fine in the place of the removed coil, then you might just need to get a replacement electrical coil.


Induction Not heating

This is another common electric stove repair problem. In this situation, if you are using an induction-based cooktop that isn’t heating up, then the first thing you might want to check is if the pot being used is compatible with the induction element. The way an induction cooktop works is that it doesn’t need the burner to heat the pan, instead it does it directly, and that’s why this kind of stove requires special pans to work properly. An example of pans to use on an induction-based stove are ferromagnetic pans.


Continuous Clicking sound

Another common stove appliance repair problem you might encounter is the continuous clicking of your gas stovetop. Although it’s normal for the gas stovetop to click whenever you switch it on, it becomes a nuisance when the clicking continues after the burner has been lit or even prevents the burner from working. This stove repair problem usually happens as a result of something blocking the burner. Here are some tips to fix this stove appliance repair problem:

  1. Check to make sure the burner is in place
  2. Check to make sure there are no debris blocking the holes
  3.  If your gas stove isn’t the sealed burner cooktop type, food can get stuck in the gas grates and you might need a paper clip or metal object to free the grates.
  4. Moisture could also cause this problem and as such you should consider drying off some of the water that might have got in


Burner Temperature unadjustable

This applies to users who have electric stoves and often most people invest in electric stoves because of their precision especially with regards to their temperature settings but like every appliance, it’s not without its problems. One common electric stove repair problem is the inability to adjust the temperature of the burner. 


As stated earlier, one of the reasons why people invest in this type of stove is because of its precision in temperature and if that isn’t working, then you wouldn’t be enjoying the full benefit of the stove. One major cause of this problem could be the stove’s infinite switch which is usually connected to the control that regulates the power levels and could make the burners of the stove heat to a specific level regardless of the settings made.


Another likely cause of this issue could be a faulty ignition switch and to fix this issue, regardless of what the cause may be, you should hire a stove appliance repair professional to take a look.

Sparks when turned on

This particular stove repair problem might not seem like a problem for people who use gas cooktops because it’s pretty normal for the stove to spark when it’s lit but for electric stove users, this shouldn’t be the case.


For electric stove users, the production of sparks by your electric cooktop points to a problem with your appliance, specifically the heating element. This problem is usually caused by loose wires, excessive weight, or temperature. These sparks are hazardous and could cause electrocution so you need to have them fixed as soon as possible


The truth is that there are a lot of stove repair companies out there; it can be hard to find one that offers professional and affordable results.


Don’t overthink it! At MegaPro, we know that getting your stove fixed can be exhausting and frustrating. We strive to give you an exceptional repair service experience when you call to hire our stove engineers and are one of the leading providers of stove repair in Los Angeles.

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