Commercial refrigerator repair

5 Problems You Should Call For a Commercial refrigerator Repair

Commercial refrigerator repair

We’ve all experienced it at some point or another. 

Commercial refrigerators malfunctioning, food spoiling, and bags of frozen veggies defrosting on the kitchen floor are all very real problems. 

Nothing is worse than a refrigerator that stops working.

The Commercial refrigerator is one appliance you can’t be without in the kitchen because it’s the best way to keep food fresh. However, under certain conditions, refrigerators may begin to break down. Food that you put away should remain preserved until you plan on cooking or eating it. If you’re not sure whether your refrigerator is operating normally, there are several indications that something’s wrong with it.

In this blog, we take a look at five common Commercial refrigerator problems that could indicate it’s time for a Commercial refrigerator repair.

Before diving into the problems, it’s important to explain the distinction between a standard Commercial refrigerator and a deep Commercial refrigerator. There is a popular opinion that a deep Commercial refrigerator is much colder than a standard Commercial refrigerator, but this isn’t exactly true. However, the core difference between the two kinds of Commercial refrigerators is that a deep Commercial refrigerator is more energy-efficient (so you spend less on electricity bills) and has more space to hold much more because of its chest-styled configuration.

Irrespective of the type of Commercial refrigerator you own, Commercial refrigerator problems are mostly the same.

5 common Commercial refrigerator problems that indicate your Commercial refrigerator requires repair

Commercial refrigerator not working: If your Commercial refrigerator isn’t working, it’s pretty useless and this is a common indicator that something is wrong. So to find out why your Commercial refrigerator isn’t working, you could do the following;

  1. First, check if the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet and has power
  2. If there is an issue with the electricity outlet, you can hire an electrician to help you fix this
  3. However, if your electricity is working fine, but your Commercial refrigerator still isn’t running, there is the likelihood that something is wrong with some of the internal components of the Commercial refrigerator like the Commercial refrigerator’s control board, cold control thermostat, the defrost timer, etc
  4. Due to the wide range of things that could cause this problem, it’s advised that you hire a Commercial refrigerator repair service person to help you fix this

Too much frost inside the Commercial refrigerator: It’s normal for frost to be in your Commercial refrigerator but when it becomes too much, then there is a problem as too much of it could damage your appliance. Frosting usually happens as a result of warm air trapped in your Commercial refrigerator as a result of the opening and closing of the Commercial refrigerator. On the other hand, excessive frost in your Commercial refrigerator is often caused by a faulty Commercial refrigerator door or a damaged lid gasket. The ideal solution to this problem is to replace these parts. Excessive frosting can also be caused by a damaged defrost sensor or the Commercial refrigerator’s heating element, and to fix this you might need to hire an appliance repair person who specializes in Commercial refrigerators.

Commercial refrigerator repair2

Ice at the bottom of the Commercial refrigerator: While it’s normal to find ice in the Commercial refrigerator, a sheet of ice at the bottom of your Commercial refrigerator is an indicator of a problem. Oftentimes, this is caused by the clogging of the Commercial refrigerator’s defrost drain tube. 

Most modern Commercial refrigerators are fitted with an automatic defrost feature that helps to transfer water that gathers in the Commercial refrigerators drip tray to the drip pan where it evaporates but if this defrosts feature is faulty, the water will gather and freeze at the bottom of the Commercial refrigerator. The solution to this problem could be easy as pouring hot water through the defrost tube to clear it out but if after trying this and the Ice is still there, you might need to hire a Commercial refrigerator repair service to help fix it

Noisy Commercial refrigerator: Nowadays Commercial refrigerators are designed to make little or no noise but if your Commercial refrigerator is noisy, then you might be experiencing one of the common problems of Commercial refrigerator repair. When a Commercial refrigerator is noisy, the root cause of the noise can be traced to the internal components. The problem of a noisy Commercial refrigerator is often caused by excess frost on the evaporator of the refrigeration unit. 

This excess frost affects the Commercial refrigerator’s fan interrupting it while working, hence the noise. And what causes frost to gather in this manner is when there’s a fault with internal components like the defrosting timer or sensor. If your Commercial refrigerator is noisy as a result of an internal component, you need to hire an appliance repair Commercial refrigerator technician to take a look.

A warm Commercial refrigerator: This is one obvious indication that there is a problem with your Commercial refrigerator as your Commercial refrigerator is unable to carry out its primary function which is to keep things cold and preserve them. 

A warm Commercial refrigerator can be caused by various things. First, your Commercial refrigerator could be warm due to a fault in the thermostat which is the component that controls the temperature in your Commercial refrigerator. Secondly, it could be a result of the sensor which is the part that monitors temperature. Lastly, a warm Commercial refrigerator may be a result of a fault in the Commercial refrigerator’s refrigerant system which is often sealed and requires the expertise of an experienced technician to help fix it.

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