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An stove is one of the key appliances in the kitchen. You might not use it daily, but can you get through a week without it?

We think not.
Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente

Repairing and servicing gas stoves is pretty easy. However, some of the issues that our agents come across with regard to gas stoves include:

Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente

Check if the Gas Burner Igniter is Bad

The next time your gas burner gives you trouble, turn the knobs to full blast and turn out the kitchen lights. Ideally, you should see sparks glow a bright blue or white, but if you see a flame that’s yellow or orange, it’s a sign that a faulty igniter may be the problem.o replace a broken gas igniter, start by switching the gas supply off and unplugging your range from the power outlet. You’ll also need to know the wire model number before replacing, which can be found in the user manual or online by typing in the model number of your gas range and referencing the manual online from the manufacturer’s page​

You need to call in an appliance repair service company to come and diagnose the extent of the problem and if it’s possible the problem will be fixed.

Gas Range Burner Won’t Ignite

Compared to electric ranges, gas stoves have more parts — and that means the higher the chance of something needing attention sooner or later. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting and repairing your gas range yourself.

if you can't fix the problem yourself - еhis is where you call in the professionals to come in and take a look at your stove.

Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente

Electric Stove Top Won’t Turn On

A red-hot heating element is usually a sign it’s time to cook. But when an electric heating element doesn’t turn off after meal preparation is over, it’s a fire hazard and safety concern. This is one of the most common stove problems for electric ranges, which ultimately comes down to four factors:
• a broken knob
• a failed control pad
• a faulty element
• a surface element switch that needs repairing

If the hinges are the problem, you need to contact an appliance repair company to come in and replace them.

Did You Know?

Stoves have been used for thousands of years, and evidence of their ancient use has been found in various locations in Europe.

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Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
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Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
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Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
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Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
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Appliance Repair

MegaPro is a local Appliance Repair company, and we understand what efficiency means to you in your home. This is why we are always willing and ready to go beyond to ensure all your appliances are working fine and you can access our services whenever you need them.

We are a family-owned enterprise that has been in the appliance repair industry for 20+ years now. Our agents are professional, and they are certified by the relevant authorities to ensure that they can diagnose and fix any issues with your appliances.

At MegaPro we can service any appliance branding we have a warranty in place.

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Reviews from our clients

Bradley Nichols

Good service, great and timely repairs to all varieties of appliances. I called them to repair a 30-year-old stove, that right there should say enough. The oven was the issue and they fixed it perfectly.

Florence Stein

Very fast service even though a part had to be ordered. The tech, was fast and competent, and very friendly. Couldn’t have had a better service.

Alvin Jones

Awesome repair job…fast, not pushy, and super informative. (Now I know how to check my fridge ideal temperature and adjust accordingly to prolong its life!!) Tx to you guys!

Brett L. Johnson

My oven stopped working. I called and they were able to send a technician the next day (awesome to not have to wait long because I use my oven frequently). The technician called 30 minutes before he arrived to let me know he was on the way. Tech. was courteous and informative. He was able to fix my oven in less than 30 minutes. He wore gloves and a mask. I would definitely recommend them if you need an appliance repaired.

Ellen Pierce


These guys work great! We called about a problem with our fridge and they came within the day, diagnosed the problem and voila! Shout out to Tech for keeping us up to date on the whole process! Definitely going to keep their number if anything else goes wrong. -Cheers!

John Kiel

Had a dishwasher that wasn’t draining properly and tried fixing it myself to no avail. Tech responded to my inquiry within the hour, came promptly the following day, assessed the issue and gave me a quote and a thorough explanation. After the parts came in, he was able to repair it (despite a previously poor installation making his job very difficult) and everything works great now! Thanks!


We repair ovens from all major brands such as Maytag, Viking, LG, Samsung, Amana, Hotpoint, Bosch,  Kenmore, Electrolux , Whirlpool, etc.

Yes, they can. Our operators have to check in with you before a house visit to confirm that you are around.
Yes, we do. All repairs have a one-month service warranty and a one-year warranty for replacement parts.
This depends, if the parts have to be custom-made for your appliance, you need to pre-pay because such parts cannot be returned.

Yes, you can. You can fill out a service form, and one of our agents will contact you shortly.

Cooktop/Stove Repair in San Clemente
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